Tiny Smurfs
18 to 24 months
Toddlerhood - Potty Training

Toddlerhood is the time of life when personality and sense of self, begin to unfold.

We set limits for behaviour control so that they can explore their environment safely. We provide an abundance of opportunity for our toddler's physical development, such as climbing, running and throwing balls.

Fine motor skill development is encouraged through art activities such as colouring-in, painting, playdough, lego blocks and paging through books and magazines.

Social and emotional growth is vital at this age and to develop this we encourage children to learn to become social and relate to other people. Although most of the time the children still do parallel play, we follow routines and are consistent in our daily programme which then enables the children to know and do what is expected of them.

Because toddlers love adult companionship, we ensure that there is a great deal of communication between our toddlers and caregivers. Receptive language is stimulated through flashcards, singing and storytelling.

During potty training, children are encouraged to sit on the potty while listening to a story, looking at flash cards or singing songs. Children are regularly taken to the potty during the day.

Time is made for plenty of outdoor play on jungle gyms, slides and swings.

Supplied by Parents (daily)

  • 4 Pull-up Nappies
  • Bottle or non-spill cup
  • 2 sets of spare clothes
  • 2 sets of underwear for potty training
  • Barrier cream

Supplied by Parents (annually)

  • 20 x toilet rolls
  • 2 x boxes of tissues (200's)
  • 2 x liquid hand soap
  • 3 x wet wipes (80's)

All personal items sent to school must be clearly marked with your child's name.

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