Fees & Supplies

School Fees & Supplies

As from 1 May 2017, school fees will be charged as follows, per month:

  • Full Day (one child) – R2,000-00
  • Full Day (two children) – R3,700-00
  • Full Day (three children) – R5,600-00
  • Full Day (one child) & Aftercare (one child) – R2,850-00
  • Full Day (two children) & Aftercare (one child) – R4,650-00
  • Full Day (one child) & Aftercare (two children) – R3,800-00
  • Aftercare (one child) – R1,050-00
  • Aftercare (two children) – R1,950-00
  • Aftercare (three children) – R3,000-00
  • Mornings only (one child) – R1,850-00
  • Mornings only (two children) – R3,600-00

Fees paid in full by the end of January are granted exemption on the increase as well as a 5% discount.  Fees are increased annually in May.

(Please view our Prospectus to see our Fee Structure and Terms)

smurfys fees and supplies

smurfys fees and supplies

Additional Fees (per year)

These fees, over and above school fees, are to be paid by Parents, per child per year, by the end of January.

18 months to 6 years

  • Stationery Fee - R300-00
  • Workbook Fee (3 books) (Grade R only) - R250-00.
  • Workbook Fee (3 books) (Grade 00 only) - R200-00
  • Workbook Fee (1 book) (Grade 000 only) - R100-00
    There is a fee of R350.00 per child, payable by the end of July, which will cover the Photos, Christmas Present and Party and Year End Concert.


3 months to 17 Months

Parents are asked to please bring the following supplies to school each day for each child.

  • 6 Pull-Up Nappies (if used)
  • Dummy/Pacifier (if taken)
  • 2 sets of spare clothing
  • Bum cream
  • Vaseline
  • Baby powder
  • Aqueous cream
  • Special comfort item (if required – such as a blanket, plush toy etc.)
  • Any other item to help your little one feel more comfortable at school

These items are to be supplied by Parents, per child for the whole year, in advance:

18 months to 6 years

  • 20 x toilet rolls
  • 2 x boxes of tissues (200's)
  • 2 x liquid hand soap
  • 3 x wet wipes (80's)
  • 1 x empty 2L Ice-cream container (Grade R only)


  • 20 x toilet rolls
  • 2 x boxes of tissues (200's)


Communication Book

An A5 Hard Cover book must be supplied on Enrolment and be present in your child's school bag at all times.  This book will be used for Parent/School communication purposes.  Parents must include the below detail in this book on Enrolment: -

1. Cover (provided by the school)
a) Photograph of Child with Full Name and date of birth
2. First and Second page
a) Photograph of Mother and Father together with Full Name and Contact Numbers.
b) List of child's allergies.
c) List of chronic health.
d) List of reasonable special requirements.
3. Third and Forth page
a) Photographs of and any other authorised person permitted to collect the child from school together with Full Name, Contact Numbers and relation to child.
If any other person, other than those authorised attempts to collect the child from school, without verbal confirmation from you, the child will not be permitted off the school premises.

Grade R

The Grade R children will graduate at the end of the year and will, therefore, have an extra expense at that time.  Letters will be sent out closer to the time, but parents are advised to budget for an extra R250-00 over and above the normal payment, which will cover the graduation gown, photograph, printed t-shirt and torch.

Parents of Grade R children are kindly requested to send to school one magazine, preferably a YOU or Huisgenoot; no Living and Loving magazines, please.

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